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FireGuard is an indispensable carbon fiber product renowned for its exceptional fire-resistant properties. As a non-combustible material, FireGuard offers unparalleled safety and peace of mind. Its remarkable fire resistance ensures durability even in extreme conditions, retaining strength even at temperatures as high as 600°C.

Unlike traditional materials, FireGuard does not flare up when exposed to flames from matches or gas burners. Instead, it burns slowly when heated above 400°C, providing crucial time for evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) materials boast commendable fire resistance ratings under ASTM and UL tests. On the other hand, Class A FRP stands out as the premier choice for safe interior wall panels. Class A FRP has a low flame-spread index of just 25 compared to the significantly higher Class C rating of 200. It ensures superior fire safety standards, offering invaluable protection in various building applications.

The duration of fire resistance required varies depending on the structural element and building type. Beams and slabs typically necessitate fire endurance ratings of 1 to 2 hours, while columns may require longer ratings of up to 4 hours. Fire safety codes demand specific FRP materials. To meet these requirements, designers, engineers, and manufacturers meticulously select the ideal combination of resin, fiber, additives, and manufacturing techniques.

It’s essential to note that Carbon FRP alone does not inherently provide fire protection. Carbon FRP, though praised for strength and corrosion resistance, can be a fire hazard. Left untreated, it can burn and worsen fire spread. To mitigate this risk, FireGuard offers a vital solution. FireGuard is a specialized fire-resistant coating designed to augment the fire resistance of carbon FRP, safeguarding structures and equipment from fire hazards effectively.

Ensure unparalleled fire protection for your structures with FireGuard from CarbonWrap Composites. FireGuard can enhance the safety and resilience of your infrastructure, providing peace of mind in the face of fire hazards. Contact us today to learn more.