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A highly effective energy dissipating CarbonWrap™ system invented by Dr. Saadatmanesh, the President and CEO of CarbonWrap™ Composites, LLC can provide remarkable strength to structures against explosions. The system dissipates the blast energy and reduces it significantly before it reaches the framing of the structure.

Test Site: Before Blast

Two identical concrete block walls were built. One was retrofitted with CarbonWrap™; the other was used as the control wall. It was 230 pounds of TNT versus CarbonWrap blast mitigation system.

blast_image blast_image

Test Site: During Blast

Blast impact resulting from over 200 lbs of TNT hits the wall. Measured surface pressure was 185 psi.

  • [A] - Un-retrofitted Masonry
  • [B] - Retrofitted Masonry
blast_image blast_image

Test Site: After Blast

The un-retrofitted wall was destroyed. However, the retrofitted wall survived the blast, completely protecting the inside.

blast_image blast_image